Think Tree Technologies Inc.

Providing comprehensive information technology solutions for businesses of all sizes, Think Tree Technologies Inc. employs software consultants, management professionals, and experts in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Think Tree Technologies specializes in the development, maintenance, enhancement, and support of new and pre-existing systems, integrating with a variety of technologies according to the needs of its clients. Think Tree Technologies’ consulting services focus on systems architecture, infrastructure, and integration, collaborating with strategic partners to provide customizable solutions for a wide range of SAP and enterprise software scenarios. Think Tree Technologies’ consulting strategy focuses on industry leadership, business development, and global account management. In addition, Think Tree Technologies provides industry-specific and cross-industry implementations as well as eco-system partner solutions. Drawing upon the expertise of its information technology consultants, Think Tree Technologies offers corporate and individual training services. For corporations, Think Tree Technologies builds a holistic perspective of the client’s training needs before developing a collaborative course designed to achieve the training goals with the minimum possible time outlay. For individuals and small businesses, Think Tree Technologies brings a similar dedication to developing training programs specifically customized to the requirements of the project at hand. Think Tree Technologies’ consultants have worked with Fortune 30 companies, small businesses, and individuals to create flexible information technology solutions that reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize the Return on Investment (ROI). More information on Think Tree Technologies and its offerings is available on the company website:

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